Due to COVID-19 regulations in El Salvador our deliveries cost has increased & may be delayed for USA & EU customers. we apologize and thank you for your support. #staysafe #stayhome

Why NookStyle?


The word "Nook" means "clothing" in the Mayan language. This beautiful Mayan word is perfect to embody NookStyle's spirit of fashion that represents the many rich cultures that inspire our carefully curated selection of designers from El Salvador and other Latin American countries.


The designers we collaborate with each have their unique sense of fashion and creativity that can be easily admired in each piece they create. Beyond that, they thrive in making sure their pieces are sustainable by working closely with the women they collaborate and leaving a positive impact in their communities.

You can trust that when you buy from NookStyle, you are taking home a unique piece that has been carefully handmade and helps beautiful people thrive.

Thank you for choosing to be fashion-conscious!